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 VRRP with IPV4 and IPv6

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aguerrero posted 05-11-2022 19:38
Hi guys
I have a VRPP config  for IPv4 addressing, which it is working. I need to config a VRRP IPv6 addressing with the same vlan (same vrid).
But i get the following error:

* SW1 # config vrrp "vlan" vrid 9 add 2001:db8:0:9::1
Error: Specified IP address is IPv6, but VR is IPv4 !
Configuration failed on backup MM, command execution aborted!

I understand with dual stack I can work with both protocols at the same time (IPv4 & IPv6).
Can someone help?
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aguerrero Best Answer
Got it!

We can use the same VRID with different VLANs or same VLAN with different VRIDs.
The same VRID can be used for IPv4 and IPv6 but not on the same VLAN.