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Device already onboarded

I have 1 old aerohive AP230 which is no longer use, when I try to add the AP to my extremecloudiq account I get the message "Device is already onboarded".Can someone help me to remove it, please?S/N: 02301911260247Model: AP230

RaBe by New Contributor
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A stale record of the device was found in the redirector

Dear sirI am trying to onboard an AP305CX which I recently bought. I get the message: A stale record of the device was found in the redirector.I searched the topics and read that the AP could be onboarded by the previous owner. Could you please reset...

erolsurat by New Contributor
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Multiple tenant from 1 account

Hi Experts,Can we manage multiple customer dashboards from 1 extreme account.i am basically a part of system integrator company and manage multiple tenants/clients.So can i have my account as an administrator to multiple dashboards.If there is a limi...

Bot5 by New Contributor
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Resolved! ExtremecloudIQ Can' add SSID to network profile

IF I try to add an SSID I get the following message. I have had more SSID's before and deleted old ones. I only have 3 SSID's now.The SSID was not added. You have reached the maximum number of SSIDs allowed for your ExtremeCloud IQ Connect account. C...

SheepDog by New Contributor
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