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SR2348P switch shows disconnected when online

On October 13, one of our SR2348P switches says it disconnected and is offline; however, this is the first switch in a daisy chain line and nothing has gone offline.  When I go to the device and look at the individual ports, it shows devices connecte...

rsmith2 by New Contributor
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Resolved! AP 630 is offline. Troubleshooting suggestions?

I have already tried changing them from Managed to Unmanaged and back to Managed (this actually brought 2 of my 4 troublesome APs back online). I also tried deleting them from ExtremeCloud IQ and adding them again. This didn’t help. I’m looking for o...

lsommerer by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Firmware to offline AP's

hi, so yesterday i picked all the AP's that didnt have clients (most were AP650AH's), and upgraded their firmware from Firmware to offline AP's.  After they were done, the interface showed most of them offline, but i was able to pin...

systemscsn by Valued Contributor
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Spaces in SSIDs

Hey All,We have clients with several SSID's demarked with a space and an identifier as to what the SSID is (I also have a vanity SSID at home with spaces...). They've had these SSID's for many many years, through many different products. They have ha...