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Access Extreme network from Cisco

Access Extreme network from Cisco

New Contributor II

At a client we have one Extreme x670_G2 switch running with 3 VLAN's.
vlan1 -
vlan2 -
Transit -

Only vlan1 has devices connected (currently), including one server -

I want to access the devices inside vlan1 from the Cisco network of our client. I have no access to the current Cisco configuration.

The current setup is as follows to connect the 2 networks:
Both Extreme and Cisco have the Transit vlan (same tag).
Extreme has
Cisco has

On the Extreme ipforwarding is enabled on all VLAN's & there is a default route configured to

The current situation:
From the Cisco network I am able to connect to my Extreme switch via Telnet/SSH, on the Transit VLAN. From this vlan I can ping to vlan1 and I can ping to my server.

However, I am not able to connect directly to vlan1 from the Cisco network. I cannot ping vlan1, I cannot ping the server inside vlan1, I cannot RDP to the Server.

Do I need to create additional routes to facilitate the connection to my other vlans?

A few relevant configuration lines from my config:
create vlan "Transit"
create vlan "vlan1"
configure vlan Transit tag 17 configure vlan Transit add ports 47-48 untagged configure vlan Transit ipaddress configure vlan vlan1 ipaddress enable ipforwarding configure iproute add default

New Contributor III
Agreed. You can ssh as the address of the mgmt ip is local to the Cisco. The other network is not, it's behind the extreme routed interface.

Honored Contributor
You need to add a static route on the Cisco. via