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ELRP configuration x440

Hello. I'm new in Extreme and want to know more about ELRP configuration. I have some x440 swtches in network. Some switches can places nearly one to another. Users can create loop between access ports of two nearly switches. How to prevent thi...

vanishox by New Contributor
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Fan failed logs on X450a

04/17/2019 07:31:32.94 Switch: Fan tray 1, fan #5, is operational. RPM (1000) is back to operating range which is at or above 1000. (X450a-48t, P/N: 800302-00-04, S/N: 1302G-xxxxx, Rev: 4.0) 04/17/2019 07:24:02.96 Switch, Code 5: Fan tray 1, fan #5, ...

AEM91 by New Contributor
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