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Change mac address of a vlan ?

X450, The MGMT port at back and a vlan I have created on the box are using the same mac address I'm not interested in the rites and wrongs of this I have my reasons for patching this together but they use the same MAC I'm looking to change the mac ...

Mlag between x690 and x460

I am just wondering if it is wise to do a two tier mlag between two different summit models. The x690 ISC would be 100gb. The x460 isc would only be 20gb with connection to the x690 only being 10gb. Is it wise to have two tier mlag between systems w...

HarryHeck by New Contributor
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ELRP Not Working

Hi, I have a number of x450e switches in stacks across my estate. All stacks have been configured with the following elrp config: # Module elrp configuration. # enable elrp-client configure elrp-client periodic PCs ports all interval 1 log-and-trap...

jonevans by New Contributor
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ELRP and tagged/untagged

SW-Versions summitX- / summitX- use ELRP (Extreme with Extreme) and STPD-BPDU Protection (Extreme with Other vendors) to prevent loops.Last Week, someone wired a port with tagged vlans (netlogin-Protected) with a p...

CFaber by New Contributor
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