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Simple VoIP configuration

I have a client with only 1 vlans - the default vlan and a VoIP called ENAVoice. All the tagging is done at the phone handset. create qosprofile "QP5" configure vlan "ENAVoice" qosprofile QP5 configure dot1p type 5 qosprofile QP5 configure dot1p ty...

LDP NonExistent

Hello Community, Does anyone had the same issue when some peers on the LDP are NonExistent? My topology has 50+ Extreme switchs on the same OSPF AREA and after a window maintance, where a switch was rebooted, some switchs had the NonExistent and co...


Hi, I've configured an ACL on our Extreme Summit 670 core switch for log connection inside our network. This is the ACL config: create access-list Log-connection " source-address ; destination-address ;" " permit ; log ;...