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New switch configuration

Hi there, I have recently bought an x450a-24t from Ebay and was wondering if somebody could point in the direction of a best practice guide to setting up a this switch? For example what stages should be done in what order, how to set switch nam...

Help writing a flow redirect acl

What I am attempting to do is to push any outbound port 80 traffic (https too but not in this example) to the internet with a flow redirect command but skip if the traffic is local. So here's what I have so far: the ** are comments for the sake of...

STP topology changes

I've been trying to track down an issue with STP in one of our branch offices, for some reason STP has an immense amount of STP changes logged; i.e Topology Change Detected: FALSE Topology Change: FALSE Number of Topology Changes: 4974700 T...

Tom_Taylor by New Contributor II
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