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x670V-48x multicast L3 hardware table full

Hello, At a customer we are using 3 stacks of 3 x670v-48 switches. These are configured native stacking. The multicast used is PIM Sparse mode. In the log file I keep seeing the following message: Slot-2: IPv4 multicast entry not added. Hardware L...

Switch stack uplinks to network

I have a stack of 5 X440-48p G2 switches. I want to have a LAG uplink to the network and am wondering if the 2 ports should be on the master and backup? I configured port 1:48 & 5:48 in the LAG but node 5 is just a standby node. Should I fix the LAG ...

DH1 by New Contributor III
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Radius Authentication Not Working

Unable to access BD8810 Floor switch using Radius authentication or local authentication. Today, I added a secondary (backup) Radius server to a floor switch. I added the backup Radius server via a browser. To test the backup Radius server, I ...