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deny specific prefixes in bgp

Hi, i am trying to deny exact prefixes and from being advertised and allow everyhting else to an iBGP neighbor ( the configuration should be done on using a neighbor route-policy command. Neighb...

Elie_Raad by New Contributor
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internet access via extreme summit x460-24t switch

Here is the situation I have ether cable coming out from my modem which I connect to my PC , then internet works on that PC. BTW , my PC isset to get ip and dns server via DHCP. Now I want to give internet access to six servers connected directly to ...

sumeet by New Contributor
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Flapping circuits.

Hello, I am trying to Turn the ports but before I check the A-side and Z-side circuits and both circuits are flapping every hour. So I instruct DCO guys to clean the fibers on both side, but still the circuits are flapping continuously. So could be d...

Arpan by New Contributor
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