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Flapping circuits.

Hello, I am trying to Turn the ports but before I check the A-side and Z-side circuits and both circuits are flapping every hour. So I instruct DCO guys to clean the fibers on both side, but still the circuits are flapping continuously. So could be d...

Arpan by New Contributor
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x450 xOS16.1.3.6 CLI CPU Load

Hello everyone, First questing on this community as I've searched for a while and couldn't really find an answer. I manage a set of x450 switches which are all running xOS16.1.3.6. Sadly we don't have TFTP or ssh/sftp insfrastruture to be able to ...

summit 210 command line

Where can i find command line uide for the 210 switch? This is what im using but this is for XOS? These commands dont work on the Linux based 210 switch. https://extrcdn.extremenetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Summit200User_71e.pdf Help. T...

CPU Health Check has failed

Hello, a couple days ago we lost communication to an 8 slot 460-48p switch stack, were alerted to it by a netsight alert: Cpu HealthCheck has failed. Slot ExtremeXOS (Stack) version v1531b4-patch1-44 by release-manager on Fri Sep 5 16:...