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trouble with sflow and voss

When I enable sflow on the switch that is directly attached to the analytics / vmware host, it works just fine. The packets get dropped when sflow is enabled on switches where sflow has to cross the fabric to get to the Analytics engine. The sflow ag...

flan828 by New Contributor
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Resolved! VOSS GNS3 lab setup problem

Hi allI am building a VOSS lab in GNS3 and have the following simple topologyThere is 1 VLAN configured (VLAN 10) which should be trunked between both VSPs and then accessible from the router on Gi1/3 on VSP1The Cisco router has a single interface wi...

BenT by New Contributor
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Resolved! HDMI over IP and VOSS

I'm trying to get a digital signage project working and am running into an issue that I believe is happening when the traffic is passing through the VSP. It worked before we changed our network topology as now all IDFs home-run to the VSP whereas bef...

matts by New Contributor
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I'm totally new to EN environment; I have a VS7254; anyone know how enable the management port to be able to ping, ssh into - I'm now able to access the switch via several other network interfaces but not the mgmt port.   

ramint by New Contributor II
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VOSS ACL wildcards

Is anyone aware of VOSS being able to do wildcard masks? given its ACLs are mask based do they cope with wildcard masks?? I have some legacy address space that is x.<location><function>.x  instead of x.<function><location>.x is this a roadmap questio...

IB by New Contributor
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