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Do you consider this high density?

I have a open restaurant area that is around 20, 000 square feet. We are replacing our existing access points and am planning on installing the 3825i's. At peak usage we will get about 500 concurrent/active users doing light web browsing with small...

Idea: IdentiFi MAC Authentication without RADIUS

MAC Authentication without RADIUS Server/Only with Controller I was getting these request from couple of customers where in MAC Auth without RADIUS/only with controller. I have tested below config and found out working. I am posting here for more twe...

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Karthik1 by New Contributor II
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Community Category Refresh - Request for Comment

Hello Everyone, It's become apparent that the category options here on The Hub could be improved. During the development of GTAC Knowledge, I spent time working on the groupings used there and have since worked up a plan to better align the categori...

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Drew_C by Valued Contributor III
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apple tv mirroring

anyone have any ideas why a mac laptop, ipad, or iphone will not mirror to apple tv? All are on wireless vlan. The wireless works. The apple tv shows up in the mirror list, but when i click on it, the device will act like its trying to mirror, but th...

Laura4 by New Contributor II
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restart wireless controller C5210

How come when I restart the wireless controller C5210, all of the radio channels show "off", even though none of the APs are down? I want to be able to see what channels the APs are using, so I can change them in case interference.

Laura4 by New Contributor II
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