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AP305C-1 upgrade going wrong/stucked/timed out

AP305C-1 upgrade going wrong/stucked/timed out

New Contributor II

Hey guys, someone can help me with this issue? I have an a brand new AP305C-1. Trying to upgrade the image from XIQ. and have this error


Ok, then i try to upgrade diretcly via browser, finish with cant be upgraded timed out. Now i tried via SSH CLI, ant timed out again.

I saw another post saying the AP has no space at /dev/root but i really dont know if this is the problem, this space is really full, but there is another partition:


Any toughts? version 10.4.r0 trying to upgrade to 10.6r4 (the image shows that but ok)






Extreme Employee

Hello @mlisboabr,

Try upgrading manually again by following these instructions:

But this time try going up to version that is closer to your current version first then up to 10.6r4. Try getting to a 10.4rx or 10.5rx version first. If trying from within XIQ, Make sure you push a complete config update first (no firmware upgrade) then push a firmware upgrade but select from available versions and go to a version that is either the next 10.4rx version if it exists or one in the 10.5rx version. 

IMPORTANT: Once the AP firmware has been upgrade, please make sure that you push a complete config update again:


Christoph S.

View solution in original post


Some firewalls require to increase the UDP session timeout from the default to 300s