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Resolved! Replacing RFS7000, still need support for old APs

Hi!We’re finally going to replace the old RFS7000s and, in time, the APs as well.The issue is that we have production relying on wifi around the clock. We can create a window for the controllers, but the APs needs to be replaced gradually over time (...

Scorch by New Contributor
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Resolved! WiNG Virtual Controller

Has anyone seen an issue with version where the virtual controller will respond to a ping but the web interface stops working as well as the ability to ssh into the VC as well?  The only way to get back into the web interface is to find ...

re-adoption convergence time

Hi!maybe who knows, how to boost re-adoption time for APs, when 1 controller of cluster goes down (link or itself). I’ve tested. It tooks about 1 minute, when AP decided to re-adopt to another member of cluster. Mode bridging is tunnel. IT is a busin...

karayafrog by New Contributor II
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WING Tacacs authentication

Dear all,i am trying to setup the user authentication via TACACS over the Clearpass.I get the following error message: Tacacs service=wingcli_exec not enabled.Does anyone can provide me information regarding the wingcli_exec or what needs to be added...