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GNS3 EXOS port assignment

Hi all, I'm having a really wierd situation on GNS3. I have 2 EXOS switches on the project, the problem is that interfaces aren't static. If i connect both switches using interface1, it seem to be interface5 if you see the show ports command on the ...

VLAN philosophy - are VLANs necessary?

Hi everyone. I am just wondering what people think about the use of VLANs in a 100% Extreme network (B5 for wired and 5210 wireless)? I've heard things like VLANs are "old school" and there are better ways of doing things now with policy, NetSight,...

Port Master and Port Slave

hello Dears, could you please give support to my for this task .I have eXtreme switch type Summit X450-24x DC in my network. i want to know how I can make one port Master and another one port a slave , it will working automatically when the master g...

MUNIR_ENG by New Contributor III
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ports vlan statistics

hi dears, when I give the switch #show ports vlan statistics. a switch will replay to me (ports are not configured to monitor vlan statistics? how i can make this configuration for per Vlan or many, over one port?

MUNIR_ENG by New Contributor III
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show diagnostics

I have switches Summit 42xdc_When i doin command on my switches Switch#show diagnostics The replay be . the diagnostics faill Why i got on this faill?

MUNIR_ENG by New Contributor III
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