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Filesystem suddenly becomes read-only on a SLX 9850 management module or linecard.


SLX 9850 Management Modules and linecards that have the below SSDs are affected:

  • Device Model: M500IT_MTFDDAT256MBD – Management Module
  • Device Model: M500IT_MTFDDAT128MBD - Linecard

Note: Follow the procedure documents listed in the Solution section of this FN to determine the SSD FW version on the SLX 9850.

User unable to modify the configuration or execute show commands. Drive is unresponsive.

Products Affected

  • SLX 9850

Software Affected

  • SLX 9850 SSD Firmware
  • SLX-OS Not Applicable


Errors showing that the file system is in read-only will be displayed.


There is no workaround available.
A reload of the switch will recover this SSD read-only state temporarily for approximately 42 days.


The root cause is a defect in the SSD firmware that causes the SSD to stop responding. The defect is activated by a specific timing relationship between two commands. New firmware that corrects this is available from Extreme. The updated FW software is installed on the SSD using the standard Linux “hdparm” utility, that is already bundled with SLX-OS. This can be done remotely and there is no requirement to be physically present on the device. Data on the drive is not affected. The upgrade must be done during a maintenance window as a power cycle is required to activate the new firmware once loaded.

The firmware upgrade instructions and Firmware Software files are available to view and download here.

See the full field notice here for more details.