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 Tlstorm2 any patch for ERS Family

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WindyMiller posted 05-04-2022 02:38
Any patch available for the recent security alert for the Tlstorm2 for ERS-3500,3600,4900...
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Sam Pirok
Hey, this announcement covers the TLS Heap Overflow issue, is that what you're looking for?

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Paul A. Leroux
Yes.   v7.9.2 for 4900/5900 covers the two posted issues.

patches for the ERS3500/3600 will be coming out in May and July.
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Hi Paul,

Many thanks for info.

Are the ERS-4850's affected by this and if so will there be a patch made available?
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Paul A. Leroux
I understand your concern. 
But as per the impact notices, platforms there are outside of their software support date were not evaluated and will not be patched.
As the ERS4800 went end of sale in 2018 and end of software support in January 2020 it falls outside those milestones.