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inter vlan issue

in core switch,i configured intervlan,intervlan is not working. configured 2 vlans in core switch-data and voice and enable the ipforwarding also. not working the intervlan.

Ranjith by New Contributor II
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Mirror MLAG/sharing port possible?

Hi, I have the following config in one of my switches: create mirror "Mirror5" configure mirror Mirror5 to port 5 enable mirror Mirror5 configure mirror Mirror5 add port 10 ingress configure mirror Mirror5 add vlan LAN3 port 11 ingress When i conn...

dilu by New Contributor II
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Dual mastership is seen on X250-e stack

All of a sudden, two switches in the stack claimed to be master and caused connectivity issues to the end users. Issue resolved after I rebooted one of the switches which claimed master status.Now I am trying to understand underlying cause. I dont se...

Arun1 by New Contributor
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