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diagnostics stack-port

Hello, all! Need some clarification. I have X460G2 with SS card. SummitStack card with 2 stack ports. BUT when I #run diagnostics stack-port I can see 6 ports. Running Power On Self Test...(Stack port mode) *************************************...

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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Packet capture EXOS

Hi, I am trying to do a capture on a switchport i have used different commands, but it looks like they only capture internal traffic. This command should capture packets only on port X and on Vlan X debug packet capture ports 2:3 on vlan Administr...

x440 G2 route sharing

Hi I am looking at ECMP on a x440 G2 switch. The x440 is connected to two seperate routers and I would like to load balance traffic across them. The manuals indicate that it is supported on the x440 G2 but you can not configure the hashing. The x440...