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Resolved! Python script to update login banner

I'm trying to write a python script using netmiko to update the before-login banner on two exos switches.  I came across this solved post about the same thing but that code didn't work for me and I'm unsure why.  Here is the exos 'sh version' and my ...

nembrey_4-1712807487099.png nembrey_2-1712806875994.png nembrey_3-1712806891025.png
nembrey by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unconfigure mstp revision

Hi team,I am new to the extreme platform. I am building a lab in the EVENG to learn it. I am studying the MSTP configuration. I configured manually the revision number with the command `configure mstp revision 5`. It does work as expected. However, h...

difan by New Contributor II
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Resolved! QSFP functionality & compatibility

Up to now I've only dealt with SFP & SFP+ ports and I'm not familiar with QSFP yet. So a few questions.If connecting a QSFP port to a 10 Gb device with a breakout cable, can a lane be bonded with LACP with another lane and port from a different switc...

nixcraft by New Contributor
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