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How to enable ssh

Create Date: Jan 11 2012 9:48AM How to enable ssh on extreme x450a-24t / x450a-48t . I was searching for the command and i got few threads which says need to buy ssh module to enable ssh on switch. If so how can i do it ? (from sanjay_pawar)

no SSh access to switch

Create Date: Feb 1 2012 6:02AM Hello, I do have two extreme switches 450a-48t interconected. SW is summitX- version with ssh mod installed. from one switch I can ping the other in the same Vlan. But when I do ssh I r...


Create Date: Feb 15 2012 12:36AM Hi all, Is there an option on Extreme Switches where we are able to configure Dynamic ARP Inspection? Thanks Mike (from Michael_Bird)