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LLDP TTL 3601 from PCs and UPM device detect overload

Hi!In some switches where some 10 new Dell PCs are connected we see this (filtered for only one port):# show upm history | include 31965   Device-Detect        device-detect-p 31    Pass    2020-08-06 13:07:17964   Device-Detect        device-detect-...

FredrikB by Contributor II
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How to reset my switch to factory default

Hi all! I bought a Summit X460-24 switch from another seller . when I went to the terminal in puTTy and the console screen is blank.  How to reset the switch to factory setting so I can use “admin” to log in console?

kwchiang by New Contributor
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onie- seems to be corrupt

Hi, Downloadable Version onie- seems to be corrupt. As in the ExtremeXOS Release Recommendations for the X465 only this version is metioned, I would like to go for it.   I tried an earlier version which was ok.   Error I got whe...

Nico_Lueck by New Contributor II
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200 Series Police the flow to a specific rate

I need to policy (and shape) the incoming flow in a port to a specific rate (200 Mbps). I’ve tried following the steps in the admin guide (QoS section) with a MAC ACL, but I don’t know what should be the correct burst size. Could you please teach me...

dchacon by New Contributor
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