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The best way for redundancy in a stack

Hi folks, I'm wondering what's the best/right way of achieveing redunancy using stacked switches. Let's assume I've got 1 server connected with 2 links to stacked switch - one link goes to Unit1 and second to Unit 2. Is it better to create a LAG gr...


Hi I am pretty new to Enterasys switching and currently having issues getting ip helper to work on a L3 VLAN interface. I am running the following: Copyright (c) 2012 by Enterasys Networks, Inc. Slot Model Serial # Versions ------ ---...

VLAN Translation on VSP 4450

Noob here... I have a DR cloud recovery service and a VSP 4450. On the DR side I am presented with 3 VLANs (1530, 1502, 1521). I "think" that I seed to translate those VLANs to 3 of my production VLANs (30, 12, 11). I'm uncertain what the best met...