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V2110 ESXi 6.5

Hi All, Is it possible to run V2110 on ESXi 6.5? Release notes suggests the following: The V2110 is packaged in the .OVA file format defined by VMware. It must be deployed on a VMware ESX or ESXi host running version 4.1 u1, 5.0, or 5.1 of vSphere....

C5210 Randomly reporting SNMP Alarms

Hi All, As the title says, one of our C5210 controllers keeps reporting SNMP Alarms to EMC. Sometimes as down (although I can access the GUI) and sometimes as UP. I know the device is reachable as it will also report the uptime which will report t...

WDS Link Expected TX/RX rate

Hello, I have a WDS Wireless Link with 2 AP 3965i-ROW between to building with a distance of 30 Meters. Setup: Last Firmware V10.31.04.0009 Using 802.3at PoE Agregation Lan1 and Lan2 Channel 104 : (5500 , [5520...