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Resolved! Port Mirroring - K10 Series

Trying to find out a couple of questions.  Can the K10 CLI be configured to mirror an entire vlan rather than mirroring each individual port?  And are there resource limitations to mirroring most or all of the ports?  

JP-1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Access Switches (XA 14xx) in band mgmt solution

Hi,We are testing the XA access swithces to extend our fabric to remote sites, or for more advanced users who work from home who need more than just a VPN connection.Currently, we are running 8.3.1 on the two XA devices. One is at the office, it’s th...

Chad5 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Fabric Extend over ISP (Hub-and-spoke)

We have our own fiber mesh and SPBM running fine. We are getting additional links at multiple sites from an ISP. The ISP is using q-in-q so we basically have a pseudowire from the core to each site. Since we cannot map our 2 BVLANs to multiple ISP ta...

bfaltys by Contributor II
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