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 5 Ghz Channel Width on Wing 7

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Matheus Santana posted 04-29-2022 11:11


I have a customer who is experiencing some issues regarding the use of macbooks and 310 APs. Basically, Macs cannot get a stable connection from 5.0 ghz band. After a series of tests, I managed to stabilize the Mac connection by forcing these devices to connect only at 20 Mhz. At 40 Mhz, the connection is very unstable, with packet loss and tx and rx problems. I would like to do tests forcing these devices to connect at 80 Mhz, I did this through a SMART-RF configuration, where I select which band width the devices should connect to, however, the Mac does not respect this configuration and remains at 40 Mhz. Is there any way to force devices to connect to 80 mhz via wing configuration?


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Christopher Frazee
Hello Matheus,
       The only method to force a wireless client to connect at 80MHz would be via the wireless client supplicant, if the supplicant allows so. If the wireless clients are experiencing issues with 40MHz and 80MHz, there might be co-channel interference, which is causing contention on the band. Have you surveyed the site to ensure 40MHz/80MHz channel plan can be supported at customer location?
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Matheus Santana

Thanks for the answer , Christopher

The survey on this client was done a few years ago based on the AP7632, we recently replaced these APs for the 310. We are experiencing these issues only in Macbooks, connected to the 310, we have connected some 7632 in some rooms, and these devices have a stable connection again (Even in 40 or 80 Mhz).

To be clear, other notebooks like Dell or Lenovo have a stable connection, even connected to the AP310, only Macbooks go through this instability.