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stale record of the device was found in the redirector.

hello!i am trying to  add ap330 that i bought on auction to my network  and iam getting this error:The following devices failed:33013101902766A stale record of the device was found in the redirector.Ap s/n/ is :33013101902766 @SamPirok or someone els...

bzaras by New Contributor
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Resolved! A stake record of the device was found in the redirector.

Hi,I have 5 AP:s that randomly vanished from the Extreme Cloud IQ portal. When I try to onboard them again, I get the following error message: "A stake record of the device was found in the redirector."Would @SamPirok or someone else be able to help?...

p_qwerty by New Contributor
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HelloI have several AP141 running OS Aerohive Boot Loader v1.0.0.41, Build time Wed Jun 11 04:43:36 2014HiveOS 6.1r6.After a factory reset via the rest button, I can log into via the serial connection. I can access the u-boot menu. I tried to upgrade...

noodlenz by New Contributor
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Device is in use

Hi, about 6 months ago, ive bought 5 Aerohive AP's 3x 130 1x 1130 from an auction. When i try to add them to the cloud i get a "device in use" error.How can we fix this issue? i dont know the previous owner and payed alot for the AP's, so it would be...

KhareT by New Contributor
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The device appears to be in use by another VIQ.

Hi,I recently got some second hand AP 230 from a client but the old IT company is unable/unwilling to release the AP's 23017072604532301707260653230170726050823017072605242301707260775230170726044923017072605292301707260538 Is there anyway to release...

xander by New Contributor
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