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identifi rescue mode

Hi, all! 1. Is there any manual about Rescue mode in IdentiFi controller? 2. In Rescue mode - 1) Force System Recovery -> is this item delete installed licenses? 3. What exactly reset Reset button on front panel of Controller? (config, password, lic...

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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3935i TX Power Question

The setting of the TX power in the controller for an 3935i AP, does that take in account the antenna gain? Or do you add the antenna gain along with the TX power to get the final calculation? thanks!

Jeremy1 by New Contributor
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Include QR code in captive portal ticket page

It would be a great new feature, if it would be possible to include a QR Code with the guest account password into the ticket page. This would make it easy for the user to copy a complex password into the password field of the captive portal. For An...

hsachse by New Contributor III
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Access Point Grouping

I have 25 buildings in my school district and a total of 556 AP's throughout. They are a mixture of 2610;s, 3610's and 3805's. The 2610's are being controlled by a pair of 4210's running firmware and the others are on 5210 controllers run...