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Wireless planner tool issue

Hello, all! Upload image. 1. Draw boundary. Trying Set scale and receive error - Floor size is out of bounds. 2. Set scale. Trying to draw Boundary and receive error - Boundary size is out of bounds. Any ideas? Thank you!

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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Client activities export

Hello! As part of Wi-Fi network monitoring, customer monitor "connectivity" to access points. If people use Wi-Fi - it means everything is ok. If not, send a warning to the manager. On the EWC controller there are these numbers (how many people con...

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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New 16 AP Capacity Upgrade

I have just remeeded a new 16 AP Capacity Upgrade and received the new License Key, but cannot recall where I need to add this in Identifi ( to be able to use the Licenses. Please help

walled garden issue to twitter services

We have a captive portal in identifi with a NON auth policy containing "Allow "rules pointing to Facebook and twitter services. The facebook ones seems wo work just ok, however the twitter domains doesn work so well, even thou Facebook is more compl...

EWC Availability over MPLS

Good Morning, I have 2 controller EWC C35 and I want to put them in Availability mode.They are on different site and the network are connected with MPLS. The Availability is configured on admin network but I am not able to put the tunnel in service.A...