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Limited Connectivity 5Ghz

Hi All, We're experiencing an odd issue where we have Windows 10 clients stating limited connectivity when on the 5Ghz band. If we set the adapter to b/g only it instantly gains an IP and works as it should. If I toggle the a band on the adapter thi...

C5210 - Spontaneous Reboot

Hi All,We've upgrade to version Have been running for 6 days and have just experienced on one of our two c5210 controllers;A Reboot Occurred. Cause: Hardware Watchdog Timeout or Hardware Reset ButtonHaving searched for this error, I fo...

ExtremeWireless support in LibreNMS

I recently had my support for ExtremeWireless controllers merged into LibreNMS. For those not familiar with LibreNMS, it provides network graphing and monitoring with a user-friendly setup and interface. Think Cacti but web 2.0 instead of stuck in th...

James_A by Contributor III
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