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Manual AP upgrades

I have an AP3805i in our lab that we use when troubleshooting customer wireless issues - it gets connected up to their controllers so we can connect to the wifi and (hopefully) fix things. This morning I've run into an issue where it refuses to upda...

MU/client report with AP3912i

I've a "special" setup which looks like that.... AP3912i --> wired port#3 connects an AP3801i and MUs are connected to this AP with a bridge@AP topology. Everything works but the thing that bugs me is that the MUs are shown as 802.3 clients in the ...

create Access Point template

Hello all! A couple questions regarding Extreme Identifi Wireless Controllers and AP's 1) I see under AP\Global that I can change settings for all AP's. Is this realtime? If it is realtime, can I create a template that works only when manually pus...

David31 by New Contributor
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