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V2110 Additional Port Required For Mirroring

Hi, Have a scenario where the use of a V2110 Wireless Controller is in play and the need to create some internal VNS's and one external for Guest. The Guest is to be B@AC directly to the second nic (esa1), that goes directly to its own internet con...

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Identifi Guest Portal User "corruption"

Our guest user list seems to corrupt itself. A user account that works correctly that has no expiration will all of a sudden throw an incorrect password from the captive portal page. We reset the password and everything is fine after that. We're runn...

issue with inter WLAN roaming feature

Hi, I'm just back from the customer site troubleshooting a VoWLAN issue - a lot of calls with bad voice quality, packet loss on the SIP call. Setup: 2x C25, v.9.21.17, APs on both controller, availability and mobility enabled, sync config. I've so...