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ExtremeWireless - V10.21 Reports gone new reports

ExtremeWireless - V10.21 Reports gone new reports

Contributor II
After upgrading V2110 with firmware I noticed its was not possible to see the clients per VNS or AP. It too bad because I used that report a lot.

There is also a new one: 'Channell Inspector'. Verry userfull, But isn't Overlap/Interfering the same as Adjacent ?

Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Extreme Employee

Version 10.31.03 code is out and this has the fix for the issue with the reports.


Honored Contributor
My customer pointed me to another thing that has changed.
Because of the new feature application visibility the OUI resolution (ID the vendor of the WLAN adapter) was replaced with the more accurate information that was collected via packet inspection.

The thing is that AP37xx doesn't support application visibility so the field is "unknown" - could we get back the OUI ID for the "old" APs to get at least a idea what device vendor is connected to the AP.

MU1&4 are connected to a AP38xx and show the device type information
MU2&3 are connected to a AP37xx and show unknown



We also use both the Client by AP and Client by VNS report. The above fix solves the Client by AP problem. Is it possible to reinstate the Clients by VNS report. We are a convention centre and that report is a good break down of how many clients are using the networks created for individual events.

New Contributor III
Another me too for the bucket.

I use "by AP" and "by VNS" reports quite a bit, please bring them back to client reports.

That said, I like the new search bar and it's a good addition to "All active clients" report.