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Itunes Bandwidth limiting WING5.9

Hello All    is there a guide to limiting the amount of bandwidth a certain application gets ? in particular iTunes With more and more devices  dropping on to the WLAN and backing up over the wlan, I want to set the limit right down, But still allo...

Hard to return to DFS Channels

I have an AP122 allowed to work on DFS channels. Usually AP selects channel 136 because it is the only one transmitting on that channel (0 interferences from other APs nearby). However, after detecting radar signals AP does not come back to that DF...

sergi_dupe by New Contributor III
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logging vs system events

Hi, Can you explain me what is the differene beetween logging and system events?   Lets say that I have loggin enabled on debug level and events disabled. What do I lose?  And how to think of that from perspective of APs or controller? In my humb...