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Radius and certificate

Hi everyone.I've installed a radius server on a windows server 2019. I need to install certificates for authentification and I must say I don't really understand how the all thing works. Do I import the server certificate to the Ap (ap7522) or the Ap...

Akalzed by New Contributor
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Resolved! AP5010 WING Mode MGMT CLI Access

Hi All. Need some guidance here:After AP5010 is switched from XIQ to WING mode - can its MGMT CLI interface be accessed via zero config IP address by the eth0/eth1 port, or can it only be accessed via the microusb console port? Asking this because th...

oxoyoz by New Contributor III
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NX5500 Controller at 29% CPU - dropping snmp

We have a cluster pair (Active - Standby) of NX5500 controllers running on firmwareThey're supporting a mixture of AP6532 and AP7632 APs, totalling 104. The AP6532 APs stop us from upgrading the firmware, until they are replaced.We monitor va...

colink by New Contributor
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radius configuration on AP7522

Hi.I'm doing an intership and I'm trying to configure un radius server on a AP7522. My server is all set on a Windows server 2019. I'm trying to configure the wifi AP (AP7522) and frankly I'm lost. I've tryed every ressource I could think of (I've ev...

Akalzed by New Contributor
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Clients don't get IP address

Hello,Clients can't get IP addresses from DHCP server on one of the WLANs. We have several WLANs and all work except one.APs are 7532 and 2 NX5500 controllers. DHCP server is on Huawei Firewall. All WLANs on different VLANs. APs connect to controller...

st3rling by New Contributor
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