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Adoption issues on layer 3

Hello, I am having some problems in adopting APs in a Virtual Controller (VX9000). Even with communication to the controller (ping) and forcing the adoption in the AP (controller host x.x.x.x) ap does not reach the VX. Already gave the command ...


I can't run Nsight on my VX9000, I added one license for testing but I can't connect to the portal. What is the requirement resources for the virtual machine? How can I check why the Nsight service doesn't run. Tal.

Interference issue

Using C35 controller with 53 APs (3805i) I am facing the issue with channel interference on many APs in different areas like Cafeteria, conference hall and Library. I have to do it MANUALLY.

Extreme Wing with Extreme Management

Hi Community We have a client that have deployed just over 1000 Wing AP's when it was still a Zebra product. The client is now looking at a Management system to manage the whole solution. I am looking at using the Extreme Management (Netsight) inst...