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Using eGuest with non Extreme WiFi Solution

Hi Community We are in the process of proposing eGuest for a client that utilizes WING AP's across numerous stores. The client has one or two stores that runs a "Non Extreme WiFi Solution". On the "Non Extreme WiFi Solution" the SSID can be configu...

AP datasheet incl EOS PN#

Both the AP3915 & WiNG AP7632 datasheet incl PN that are EOS..... - AP-PSBIAS-2P2-AFR - AP-PSBIAS-2P3-ATR I haven't checked other AP datasheets. The following PoE injectors are available to order if you need one.... PN# PD-3501G-ENT - SINGLE ...


I'm trying to use a simple TIME BASE ACCESS, i go to WLAN configuration/Auto Shutdown, and the make my configuration the WLAN is still on even at my schedule. I've got NTP sincronized. Any advises? Best Regards