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Non-unicast traffic

Hello community, How can I check how many of non-unicast traffic is ingress WLAN. I don't see the option of live pktcap of non-unicast traffic ingress WLAN (after it filtered by default broadcast rule) Thanks, Aviv K

License expansion RFS4000 controller

Hi, I have a RFS 4000 controller with an AP license (default license) and an AAP license which supports 12 APs, we need to add 6 APs more, so we bought a license expansion, but the controller doesn't accept this expansion, when I add the license by C...

AP-7622 configuration interface

İ have ap-7622. İ can't connect to configuration interface with default ip written on the device. Amber led is steady. Other leds none. Device is connect to modem via GE1/POE port. Please help me. Thanks.


Hello All we need to know the OID AP status to monitored from the WLC WM3600. SWTEST#sh version WM3600 version Copyright (c) 2004-2012. All rights reserved. Extreme Networks, the Extreme Networks logo, Altitude and Summit are either tra...