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Resolved! WiNG VC Scaling

Universal Hardware Access Points and WiNG VC ScalingWe looking for details about VC scaling of the APs 305/410/460How many Access Points can be managed by a VC / Controller Access Pointtype AP305C/410C/460C in a WiNG environment?

All AP's Are Showing As Offline

We have an RFS4000 Controller and we relocated one of the associated AP7522 AP’s. We were having a few connection problems so I rebooted the controller. Now, all 30 AP’s are showing as offline and they look as thought they have stopped communicating ...

Resolved! Wing Controller SSL Import

Has anyone had any success importing SSL certificate from GoDaddy or other 3rd Party into Wing Controller? We are able to import from a local CA but no 3rd party certs will work.