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HTML5 Questions

Hello community,I see that the WING 7.6.3 was release and it includes the new HTML5 GUI.Several questions:For now, the new GUI is available only on controllers. It will be available also on WING7 APS ?I see that the new GUI is need a tons of fixes an...

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Resolved! How can I increase AP510E 5G transit power

I have an AP510E with RF-Domain as CA (Canada), and radio2 on 5G channel 153WW . I am not using smart-RF currently. The issue I have is that my AP’s radio2’s transit power maxes at 18dbM, even though I configured the transit power on the WebUI as 30d...

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oxoyoz by New Contributor III
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Resolved! RFS-7000/4000 licensing

hello, i was looking at APs for my home lab and came across the AP650, and learnt it needed an RFS controller to work, reading the brochures about the RFS-7000 i saw there was quite a few licensing options, and i started to wonder what the licenses w...

yanntllr by New Contributor
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Resolved! Channel Invalid For Radio and Low Signal for AP 7562

We have 7562 in our system and for radio2 i see this message “STATE                : Off [channel invalid for radio]”. Also despite 10.0 dbi 2.4 antenna and 5.9 dbi 5 GHZ antenna the access points are performing bad signal distribition. When i walk a...

izzeterol by New Contributor
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Resolved! Some concepts about VC to be clarify.

I have two ap7522(a and b etc) and config dynamic VC on one of them. A was elect as VC, B was adopted to the VC. here is the questions:will ap A be adopted by VC too?may I refine the VC config on B and auto update the whole rf domain?If I ssh into B ...