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Resolved! Moto Mesh Solo AP, MWR, VMR

I require access to firmware and also if available purchasing of spares for the following products:Motorola Moto Mesh IAP 6300Motorola Moto Mesh MWR 6300 Motorola Moto Mesh VMR 6300 Has anyone used these before and know what the corresponding firmwar...

WING mode in IQ Engine 10.2r ?

Hello,as I can read in the release notes of IQ Engine 10.2r1, it should be possible to switch the APs to WING. “Multiple Boot Capability: Administrators can reboot devices running IQ Engine 10.2r1 or later to the WiNG operating system.”But how to do ...

Martin8052 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Migrating to WiNG 7

Hi! We have RFS 4010 controller with some AP7562 working on WiNG 5.Is there a way to have AP7562 and AP460e with WiNG 7 at the same time? Should I change the controller? 

Resolved! ap7532 change radio 1 to 5GHz

Hi!Is it possible on Ap7532 to set radio 1 to 5GHz (simultaneously with radio 2)?My point is to have radio 1 as well radio 2 (simultaneously) operating on 5GHz.My wing version is 7.4.1  

Resolved! WiNG wireless syslog for a longer period of time

https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrArticleDetail?an=000081692 Is there a way to capture the data for long duration ?  The article solutions lasts for about 10-20 mins.  The issue is that we have a warehouse with 74 APs and 30 handheld units.  Throug...

boy141 by New Contributor II
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