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EWC Check WASSP / CAPWAP Tunnel Status ?

Hi, is there a way to check the CAPWAP Tunnel Status of all connected APs ? Currently i do only know the AP Availability Report which show the tunnel status with green / brown color. But i fear that if the AP looses the Tunnel for a short period o...

M_Nees by Contributor III
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delete W-Lan Cap25 Licence

Dear Support Team, we have rebuild our W-Lan network. So, we do not longer need a WS-CTLCAPUP25 License on the Controller. To rehost it's not the problem. We want to delete the not longer needed licence. The way to delete this one with via "facto...

identifi client connection issues

Hi,we cross to this gtac article https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrArticleDetail?an=000064386and the resolution in v10 isFix pending for 10.x firmware track.is this already fix in the newest version 10.xx?thanks

Marlon by New Contributor III
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Guest Captive Portal - HTTPS Issues

I am attempting to setup the Captive Portal for wifi guests. I have installed the cert on my guest portal interface, but when i turn on the https option on the portal config, i get the following error. It also doesn't look like it is presenting the...