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Hi, I have an access point that I can see "green" in bulk configuration but in radio tabs shows n/a and the name of it´s SSID plus it has no channel assigned in any of it´s radios, any idea?

Tx/Rx Wireless Mismatch

I suspect I have an transmit and receive mismatch between the client and the AP - the client can hear the AP fine, but does not seem to be able to push data back. Is there a stat that I can look at to verify the Tx and Rx differences?

Sean_Holt by New Contributor
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Apple Authentication with NAC and Policy

We have deployed a V2110 controller with NAC at a client. When users connect to the client's SSID they are placed in a Unregistered Vlan that only allows Access to the NAC using Policy Based routing. When the client finished with the registration p...

Bonjour control

Hi, I understand that Extreme policy can control the Bonjour traffic. So, here I have two questions; (1) Is there any demerit when I make a policy that AP rejects the bonjour packet at the edge? (2) Usually, how much percentage of the traffic occup...