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Resolved! WiNG 5.8 - AP7522 Wireless Bridge

Hi, We would like to create wireless bridge between 2 AP7522s. 1st AP will be connected to wired network. We would like 2nd AP to connect to 1st AP over wireless on 1 Radio and the other radio should serve the clients. Is there any config guide ...

dot1x by New Contributor II
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7522 antenna question

Hi, The antenna guide in page 28 lists all the compatible antennas for AP7522 EMEA. For Patch antennas there is a (*) for ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 which has three(3) connectors. How should this be connected on the AP7522e which only has two(2) RP-SMA po...

gluo by New Contributor II
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Resolved! ap6521 add 5ghz

Hello. I try to add 5ghz on ap6521 And I can't create second interface in radios for 5ghz in ap profile. error "interface name is not supported" is it hardware limitation?

Demm21 by New Contributor
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Crestron NVX over wireless

Has anyone run video from an Crestron NVX over wireless? We have a new building with a room that's going to have some projectors, and then some mobile pods for students, with NVX-350 encoders on the pods and NVX decoders (via a matrix switch) to the ...

James_A by Contributor III
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