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EWC clonning WLAN, Role etc configurations.

Hi, I need to create more than 10 auth and non auth roles and about 6 more WLAN services. They will be exacly same with one of the existing role and WLAN. I only need to change the topology settings (for different vlans). Unfortunately there is no o...

Slow wireless speeds (5Ghz, N, 26MB??)

I've been having intermittent issues that naturally aren't here when ever I log a case with GTAC so was wondering if anyone else has seen something similar. Our clients here often complain about slow wireless speeds and I'm really having a hard tim...

How to create a bridge at ap

we need to have 2 networks set up. The 1st would run all the office systems and the 2nd should be guest access and also be limited to speed and have no access to the office systems. wireless appliance C35