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Resolved! Wireless wifi hang AP410

Hi everyone, I have a working Wifi network on three AP410s with one acting as a controller. I have 3 networks running, 2 using Capiveportal and one on the preshared key.The problem are that networksby after some time hangs. Captive portla does not di...

Radoslaw by New Contributor
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Resolved! RAM and Flash memory of WiNG AP8432

Hi, how can I know the RAM and Flash memory of a WiNG AP8432? The datasheet doesn't mention these specs and I don't have any of these APs on hand to use CLI. I would like to offer this model to a customer and he requires knowledge of RAM and Flash me...

porbea by New Contributor
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Resolved! WiNG AP keep losing adopted status

Hello, Recently, I’ve noticed that some of our APs (2 or 3 out of 41) are losing their “adopted” status, and then they restart the whole adoption process, which in turn is completed with no errors. I’ve searched the logs and the event history but I f...

Resolved! IGMP queries from the AP7532 without settings applied

Hello,Our AP is still sending IGMP queries on the network even if the querier setting is disable on profile.IGMP queries are sent from the AP on VLAN 5 and cause conflict on the network.On our architecture, we decided to set the querier on a another ...

Arthurooo by New Contributor
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