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 How to see AP neighbours which are nearby?

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Soham Mitra posted 04-25-2022 07:26
How can I see the other access points which are nearby?
I am using AP460e.

Is this the only way? show smart-rf radio neighbors
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Christoph S. Best Answer
Hello Soham,

Here are a few commands you can try:

: show mint neighbors (|details)(|on DEVICE-NAME)
: show smart-rf ap neighbors (|DEVICE-NAME|AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF) (|on...
: show smart-rf interfering-neighbors (|(threshold <50-100>)) (|DE...
: show smart-rf radio neighbors (|all-11an|all-11bgn|AA-BB-CC-DD-E...
: service show wireless neighbors

Of course use the "?" for all available options. 


Christoph S.