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AP 7632 Connectivity issue

Hi, I have a wireless network setup, that uses about 04 nos AP 7632 devices. These devices are in 4 corners of a large warehouse. Motorola hand held scanner are connected to the APs. In one AP, when the scanning of any item is done on the Motorola...

jit17 by New Contributor
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PMF policy violation

Hello guys, I running AP7532 version I have some strange issue with many events: DOT11 CLIENT_DENIED_ASSOC Client 'XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX' denied association on radio 'APXX:R1' wlan 'XXXXXX': PMF policy violation BUT running config is...

Resolved! Release note WING 5.9.5

Hello guys, There is some NEW FEATURE IN WING 5.9.5: What does it mean in this case, it's about an upgrade to roaming procedure or just for debugging needs? Thanks Aviv


Eguest users mail list is not available

Hi, I have an Eguest setup that is the radius server for WLAN with captive portal, that is meant for users to register their emails and get internet access for 4 hours. During those 4 hours i can see the email of the users, and when exporting the da...

service pktcap on wireless radio all

I'm analysing the Wireless Radio of one deploy with WING AP7662/AP7632 and version the setup is: radio 1 Off (2.4Ghz) and radio 2 ON (5220 Mhz) But then i run the capture with: service pktcap on wireless radio all tcpdump count 10 ...

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